Create ( and use ) a variable in Qlik Sense.

Lately I’m fighting more than usual with Qlik Sense. This is, basically because with every step I make I find a wall that prevents me from reaching my objectives. I think that the problem is that, from the begining he took Qlik Sense as the “new” version of Qlikview. This make us think that the new platform have some weaknesses respecting Qlikview 11 that does not compensate the innovations that Qlik Sense includes. However, we should think about Qlik Sense as a new independent platform focused on the final user and not on the Qlik developer. Qlik Sense gives to the final user the responsibility to create his own front end, focusing this way the developer on the back end ( scripting ).

On that note, one of the problems that we are finding then trying to link our back end with the front end, is the variable creation. hitherto, we simply declared the variable in the script and we could directly use it in the interface. We could even declare the variables in the front end.

If we want to do the same on Qlik Sense, we must know how Qlik Sense is working. The main idea is that the developers give to the final user a set of tools ( fields ) to play with. Qlik Sense provides the user with the capability to choose whichever field loaded in the script by default. We can also create what we call “Master Item”


To do so, we should find the “Master items” located on the leftmost side of the screen. We will press the “Create new measure” option. In this screen, we can put an expression that could be either a calculation based on a field or a variable. In this case, we will put =var1 ( this variable must first be declared on the script ).Once we have created the “Master Item”, the user will be able to choose and use the variable in any chart or text box.NewMeasure2