JavaScript Libraries for Qlik Sense Development

The next step to enhance our Qlik Sense extensions is to choose what javascript framework will we use.

There are a lot of javascript frameworks that allows us to build fancy charts in an easy manner.I will list some of them in the following list:

D3: This library is one of the most famous ones. It’s so customizable and give us a lot of different type of charts to make. It have a huge community with a really large list of examples.

ZingChart: Really good library with flat styled charts. The provided in the box charts are really simple to make. One of the contras is that there is no free version to download.

ElyChart: Another library to build charts with Javascript. The look and feel is not one of the good points but it is an alternative to take into account.

DC: Javascript library based on D3 with beautiful animations and charts.

Protovis: This Javascript Library is object oriented and have some example charts on the project page.

Dygraphs: Chart framework written in Javascript. Focused mainly on stock charts.

HighCharts: Good javascript library with a really nice help in the main page.Really fancy transitions and selections can be made.

FusionCharts: Excel like charts Javascript framework. This library have a loot of examples in the web page.


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